Monday, June 2, 2014

Special thanks to the Denver Quarterly for taking a section of "The YouTube Narratives"  Really happy!

This summer I want to work on some translations.  They will be primarily from this great little anthology called fusiles y palomas: selección de poesía revolucionaria de nuestra américa published by Ocean Sur in 2009.  Here's the first stanza of one of my favorites by Michele Najlis, poetisa y maestra de Nicaragua.

"Quiero un poema sencillo y bueno"

Quiero un poema sencillo y bueno
como el pan
caliente y oloroso
con ese olor de gente,
de harina,
de manos amasando
y de un gran fuego rojo en el cielo del horno.

Decided to pull my signed copy of Peter Hook's Unknown Pleasures down from its pedestal last night and began reading it nonstop.  The first chapters retell the importance of the Sex Pistols first three shows.  Hook repeats several times that attendees were lucky to leave with their lives.  More when I finish it.  I'm trying hard not to abuse the spine like I do with all my books.  I was that kid with the beat-ass baseball cards.

Also reading The Writer of Modern Life, Essays on Charles Baudelaire by Walter Benjamin.  It's like walking into a room full of cabinets, knowing there are various treats and surprises behind every door.

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