Sunday, March 16, 2014

Two New Books

I'm currently reading two books published this year by Action Books.  First is SORROWTOOHPASTE MIRRORCREAM by Kim Hyesoon and translated by Don Mee Choi.  And the second is Rain of the Future by Valerie Mejer, edited by C.D. Wright with translations by Forrest Gander and A.S. Zelman-Doring.  Rain of the Future also includes an intro/forward by none other than Raul Zuríta.  

Both of these books, as I am reading them together in tandem, are swimming in my bloodstream like two high-powered stimulants.  I can't put them down.  They're in the water I drink.  They're in the toothpaste.  They're in the papercut I suffered opening an envelope yesterday.  They're all over my sunburned face after playing a few sets of volleyball this weekend with the homies.  They're in my hands right now as I type this post with my nose and read them with my peripherals.  Such strange, visceral, frightening beauty!

More later when I finish.  Until then, here's an interview with Kim Hyesoon and a YouTube of Valerie Mejer.

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