Monday, March 24, 2014

The Empire of Neomemory

I'm currently sixty pages into Heriberto Yépez's book The Empire of Neomemory.  It's a fascinating interrogation of Charles Olson's work and its various connections to Mexico.  In addition to Olson, Yépez considers others who have spent considerable time in Mexico, such as Burroughs, Artaud, Lawrence, Melville, and Bradbury.

From the back cover: 

Yépez begins with Olson in Mexico, with the possibility that he might be writing a study of Olson, a study of Olson's Mexico-philia.  But what he writes instead is a breathtaking investigation of the relation between USAmerican poetry and Empire that careens idiosyncratically through the great men of empire--not just Olson, but those many other men who also travelled to Mexico...This work is a dismantling of Olson, and of empire, and yet it is also clearly an inside job, a book that could only be written by someone who had spent hours thinking with and through--and beyond--Olson.

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