Friday, November 15, 2013

The Vermin on the Mount reading was so much fun on Sunday.  I was blown away by the authors and their readings.  O, goodness.  Jim Ruland, the architect behind the reading series is amazing.  Check out this recent write up in the L.A. Weekly.

I also want to thank, Bret Kofford, and his class at SDSU-Calexico for inviting me to read and chat this Monday.  It was a great time, and I absolutely enjoyed the conversation that ensued after the reading.  That same evening I read at the campus gallery.  Lots of friends and family in attendance.  Cool day!

Wednesday was another special night when I had the chance to see and listen to Dr. Ofelia Zepeda at SDSU Main Campus.  I bought her Where Clouds Are Formed and got the signature--yes!  Many of the poems she read that night dealt with the forming of words, I noticed, the breathing in and out, the push of sound from the mouth, the subtle formations of meaning.  As a professor of linguistics, this makes sense, no?

I'm listening to the Vivian Girls right now.  And the Hot Snakes (it's a shuffle)!  And the Vaselines, now--

Absolutely loving Helene Cixous' Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing.  Also loving Calvino's Cosmicomics.  Wept twice, and nearly a third because of imagination soaring in these pages.  Wow, says I.  Where am I now, says I.

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