Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I've been listening to Deafheaven's new album Sunbather.  Epic compositions with exceptional production.  This album references some of the great stuff that came out of the early 2000s.  Beautiful melodies drenched in distortion, screams, lulls, etc.  I like to take this album along on bike rides around the neighborhood.  I'm not entirely certain how I feel about the album yet.  It's been hella warm outside lately, but it's easy to forget about that when the flashes of beauty rise triumphantly from the chaos.

Also been listening to Retox, too.  And Kanye.  And Parts and Labor.  And Bob Marley.  And early Slayer.  And Chalino Sanchez.  And Nina Simone.

Tao Lin's new book, Taipei, was written up in the Los Angeles Times recently.  I haven't read it yet-the book that is-but do intend to get to it soon.  I've posted my feelings regarding Lin's work here on occasion and continue to suggest his books to friends and acquaintances, especially his early poetry, like you are a little bit happier than i am.  This guy has inspired a generation of imitators and will continue to do so for years to come.  Lots of folks have beef with this and to them I say 'eat your beef.'

I'm dreaming of long walks in distant cities.

Or long bike rides on distant bike baths.  I don't know how many more miles my beach cruiser has in its lifespan, but it's been a great companion over the 10+ years we've ridden together.  From the bike rides to the various AM/PM's in El Centro to the nasty spill I took a couple of summers ago on University Avenue in Hillcrest.  Packages, books, and food flew out of the basket on my handlebars (yes, I have a basket)--I was the yard sale of yard sales that day.

 Aqui está el Rocinante con mi esposa's fantastic steed, Artax, The Immortal
Wrote 3 new prose poems over the last couple of days.  Some would argue that's all I write.  Some would argue that I don't write prose poems, because I write 'pose' poems.  To those austere individuals, I say: 'come 'ere, someone needs a tickle.'  Actually, they might be right.  But who cares, I'll build my castle out of gelatinous cubes of fun, but not always, not always, that can be counted on.

Gearing up to read Evan Lavender-Smith's Avatar.  It's on deck with the pine tar in hand, gauging the velocity of the change up, slider and two-seam fastball that runs inside to the right-handed hitter.  Saw him this spring at UCSD.  Great stuff.

Speaking of which, c'mon Padres, you can do it man!

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