Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chicano Park and the Restoration Project

This Tuesday I had the good fortune to watch a bit of the Chicano Park Park Mural Restoration project. There I met up with novelist and artist, Maceo Montoya. You can see him working hard with his cousin Tomás Montoya on restoring the great, José Montoya's mural seen below. Maceo kindly introduced me to master muralists Esteban Villa and José Montoya. It was something to see José Montoya observe the progress on his mural. I chatted with Mr. Villa for some time and received an invaluable education on topics that ranged from life in the classroom to the beginnings of the Royal Chicano Air Force. 40 years of history that afternoon!

The restoration project will continue, so if you want to observe some of it, drop by and watch.

("Libertad" mural by Esteban Villa)

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