Friday, July 15, 2011

Went to the bookstore yesterday with no title really in mind until I saw Michael Lally's It Takes One to Know One: Poetry and Prose and thought huh and bought it and while purchasing the collection I asked the young lady behind the cash register Yo, what in heavens are you listening to! it's rad somehow something new but old and she told me and I said wait wait let me write it down and she said ok and I wrote it and said have you heard of Ice Age have you heard of Chola Hair and she said no and I said check them out and I hurried home but first ducked into another store and bought some white sunglasses because my last pair suck and are broken because I am really bad with sunglasses and so I hurried home not really hurrying home because I don't like to drive fast I like to cruise you know so I busted through my door like Charles Bronson (not really) and downloaded the tune and now I play it for you I'm sure it's really old and I play it for the Canto Mundistas because they are all really cool, brilliant people as I wait for my wife to return from work to slow dance this tune in the middle of our living room before we drive up the coast while I tell her how much I like Benjamin Alire Sáenz's The Book of What Remains and how I wrote a poem about a snail and a poem about a skunk and hopefully the poems don't stink and if they do let them stink splendidly so so that when they are in the vicinity they are mistaken for none other than the skunk because no ideas but in things or something like that.

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