Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's been some time since I've read A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. I just finished chapter one this morning and the part when Stephen Dedalus gets smacked on his hands by this priest for not having his glasses still gets me. O, the injustice!

* * *

The presentation and reading went well yesterday for the Upward Bound IV students. I had a good time. The students certainly showed passion, and I can't wait to hear about their future accomplishments.

One eerie note, I presented in the same classroom where I took a calculus class that kicked my ass so many years ago.


Anonymous said...

Hey there!!! Read your book "Death of a Mexican" recomended by a friend and I really liked it. My notion of literature is very limited, specifically poetry, all I know is No David! and Shel Silverstein cause that is what I read to my first graders. In my humble opinion you put into decorated words the experiences of many of us growing up in the Valley. At times it seemed that you were talking about me or my friends cause we lived similar experiences in regards to friends and relatives. If Heber Beach could speak it would have million of stories to tell!!! Thank you for sharing your art with everybody and looking forward for more. Norma Lara

Manuel Paul Lopez said...

Hi Norma. Thanks so much for reading my book and stopping by the blog. Take care.