Thursday, June 2, 2011

Student Art Exhibition

As a semester-long project with a group of 43 high school juniors, we explored several social/cultural movements that rose hard against oppressive institutional powers in 20th/21st century America (U.S.). Students were asked to conduct research, study and write original (historical) micro-fiction, write personal narratives, and create a piece of art in the spirit of Ken Kesey's Jail Journals. In addition, students were asked to consider some of the iconic figures and/or images associated with these movements and how their meanings have morphed or remained intact since their inception. These efforts culminated with an exhibition at the Centro Cultural de la Raza at San Diego's Balboa Park where students shared their art and read from their very own chapbooks. Yes, that's right, each student created multiple copies of hand-made chapbooks with original writings and art which graced the covers.

Rarely do I comment on my life as a high school teacher here, but I wanted to share that the student exhibit will be on display at the Centro through June 15th. If possible, please try and check it out.

My teaching partner and I are proud of their work. Eventually, I would like to link some photos of the opening. Lots of food, music, and righteousness.

Below are some samples of the work. Anyone interested in a student chapbook, please hit me up, and I can see what I can do. The writings incorporated in the art pieces are both original and primary source materials.

In closing, we are grateful for having had the opportunity to collaborate with the Centro on this endeavor.

*Note, each art piece is approx. 16 X 18in.


b. said...

So great!

BTW, I was wondering how I could get my hands on your chapbook 1984? Let me know: begomez at ucsd dot edu.

Samira said...

Cool artwork!

Manuel Paul Lopez said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Rachel said...

Paul so where do we buy these, Uncle Paul and I want to purchase this. You are blessed!