Friday, April 22, 2011

Cherríe Moraga at UCSD

Had the opportunity to listen to Cherríe Moraga last Thursday night at UCSD. It was a 2 hour presentation that included readings from her new book, A Xicana Codex of Changing Consciousness: A Decade of Discourse-- to be published by Duke University Press in Spring 2011, and a 30 minute viewing of her mixed-media play,La Semilla Caminante (The Traveling Seed).

Moraga's overall presentation opened my head and centered me in a way that I needed, as she spoke of loss, the (re)membering of the (dis)membered, the attack on ethnic studies in Arizona, among other equally engaging topics. (I recorded parts of the presentation and intend to include more specifics soon)

I'm glad I made the long drive to La Jolla after a long day of work--I nearly caved to the post-jale yawn. There were many in the audience and the vibe was beautiful.

This was my first opportunity to hear Cherríe Moraga in person, and it was a magnificent experience. Looking forward to her new book.

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