Monday, April 4, 2011

The Calexico reading this weekend was wonderful. Thank you to The Calexico Cultural Arts Center, headed by Sandra Tauler and the dedicated staff, all of whom created a great space to usher in National Poetry Month. I also want to spotlight SDSU MFA grad student, Angel Sandoval, originally from Brawley, for making it happen. His contagious enthusiasm and profound love for the Word is gonna pump inspiring works into our community, clearly evident in his emcee duties and poetry reading on Sat. For those of you not from the area, the Imperial Valley/Mexicali took a huge hit by a 7.2 earthquake exactly 1 year ago today. I'm sure it's on many people's minds there, but they continue to walk forward courageously, alongside the still visible destruction in certain parts of these towns. A good friend of ours lost her brick fireplace and chimney. So what does she and her husband do, they use the brick to build a beautiful porch. I wasn't in town for the earthquake, so I can't really comprehend the scale. You just have to wonder about Japan, Haiti, and Chile. Coping with loss. Reconstruction. Displaced and frightened children. To consider poetry and poetry readings and National Poetry Month seems almost insignificant in comparison to the devastation that has affected so many, but to paraphase Mr. Sandoval, poetry has properties that are medicinal; therefore, it is absolutely necessary.

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It was a breath of fresh air listening to different people share their thoughts.