Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reading Trakl

Currently reading Georg Trakl: Poems and Prose, translated by Alexander Stillmark.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, who acted as Trakl's benefactor when the chips were down, said of the poet's work when he first read it: "I don't understand them. But their tone delights me. It is the tone of true men of genius."

Here's a poem called "At Night."

The blueness of my eyes has gone out this night,

The red gold of my heart. O how tranquil the light shone.

Your blue mantle enfolded the sinking man;

Your red mouth sealed your friend's dark derangement.

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Anonymous said...

wow, thats both desturbing and seductive at the same time. hope you dont mind if i borrow this to show it to some friends.