Monday, December 20, 2010

I've always wanted to hear Oliver Lake live. My opportunity presented itelf when I attended his performance Friday evening. This program was part of the Fresh Sound Series, "a series of experimental, electronic, contemporary classical and improvised music" under the umbrella of Sushi Contemporary Performance and Visual Arts.

Lake performed solo, interspersing his alto and soprano saxophone pieces with verse. From recited text that evoked a mother's wisdom and guidance, to the catastrophic effects of Katrina, Lake's performance engaged and startled. Lake painted space, tossing out sound by swinging his horn from right to left--HOOOoooonk. Brush strokes of sound. An occassional 360. Chaotic riffs like "scrambled eggs." Long, introspective passages. Quick, playful lines reminiscent of a joyous angel practicing a quebradita in front of a bemused lover angel.

The night was fulfilling, and I left the venue with a lighter step.

* * *

Finished Patti Smith's Just Kids. Beautiful.

* * *

"Reading is done in the immediate past, writing in the immediate future."
-Kenneth Koch

* * *

Looking over proof copy for my new chapbook 1984. "Watch out Orwell. I got your number." I hope to have copies available soon.


VMT said...

patti smith gave a talk here recently. the night was robert mapplethorpe's birthday as well as the anniversary of fred "sonic" smith's death--she honored them both as she read from her book, sang, and told stories. she told the story of the night she wrote the lyrics for "because the night" and then she sang it a capella though she had her guitar, because she said she only knows five chords. she got the room to join in the chorus, in the most unaffected way. there was a patti smith sing along at yale and it'll be one of the most indelible memories i'll carry with me from this place. her book really is beautiful. she signed my copy while i quietly took notice of how thick her glasses were. so touching....congrats on all your successes paul! always glad when i get the chance to stop in here and read your thoughts.

Manuel Paul Lopez said...

Hi V. What a great experience! Thanks for sharing.