Friday, May 7, 2010

I am very proud to be a part of this relief effort for Haiti. As a response to the tragic earthquake that happened in Haiti, this org raised over $22,000 in six weeks for the recovery of Haiti.

HTH (High Tech High) for Haiti is currently selling great, black T-shirts that read HTH for Haiti. If you're interested in donating some funds or purchasing a T-shirt, please drop an email at the HTH for Haiti website.

* * *

I just plucked this off of La Bloga. Here's Carmen Lomas Garza talking about her life and her art. This link is part of Los del Valle Oral History Project. I love la música en la sangre. "La música es muy celosa."

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lalo Alcaraz at UCSD

I really enjoyed Lalo Alcaraz's talk at UCSD. He showed some slides and added commentary. He said his hate mail is more abundant than usual, probably cuz the Arizona debacle, he said, and his responses to it all.

His backstory for the image below was cool, too. Alcaraz explained how angry he was during the whole Sotomayor confirmation hearings and some of the mindless coverage she was receiving in the mainstream media. Of his response, he said, he suddenly "went pink." There was much more to the story, and it was truly inspiring.
I think it was a good choice. I purchased a signed copy and will be waiting to offer it as a gift someday.