Sunday, November 15, 2009

Artemio Rodriguez Visits San Diego

I recently had the opportunity to meet Artemio Rodriguez at his show's gallery openning here in San Diego. He's a very nice guy and entertained some of my questions and signed his name and drew a cool picture on my copy of the collaboration he did with poet, Juan Felipe Herrera.

My wife and I really enjoy(ed) his work. It was sort of a retrospective spanning approx. fifteen years. As usual, the work was intense and his ability to incorporate interesting detail made several of his prints quite gripping.

I wanted to attend his talk today at the San Diego Musuem of Art but was unable to do so. I don't feel too badly though because Thursday night was pretty magical. He even showed me his new book that is a beautifully produced leather-bound collection of fifty original prints that accompany a wonderful story in Spanish. Each collection was handmade and produced at La Mano Press ,now in Michoacan. Amazing, amazing work!

Below is a shirt I bought some time ago. My sister always complains that it's too intense and causes her anxiety. What do you think?

Saturday, November 7, 2009


The Chinese Stars played Mexicali last night, and I would've loved to be there. Their new, new album "Heaven on Speed Dial" is out and I'm loving it.

Just got D.A. Powell & David Trinidad's "By Myself." Using 300 memoirs, autobios, and ghost writers, they created this "...tempestuous and inspirational tell-all confession."

I'm absolutely into what I'm writing right now.