Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Winner of the Inaugural raúlrsalinas Guerrilla Chapbook Poetry Contest

I'm looking forward to congratulating and listening to, Joe Montoya, the winner of the inaugural raúlrsalinas Guerrilla Chapbook Poetry Contest on September 19th at Voz Alta in Barrio Logan. I'm sure it will be a special evening.

This chapbook contest was established "as a way to honor the late Xicanindio poet activist the Red CalacArts Collective, Calaca Press (San Diego, Califas) and Red Salmon Arts (Austin, Tejas) have teamed up to create the raúlrsalinas Guerrilla Chapbook Poetry Contest. The Redz seek material from authors whose poetry best reflects the lifework and interests of raúlrsalinas, including Native and immigrant rights, the Chicano Movement, Black Power, prison struggles, political prisoners, Leonard Peltier, Mumia abu-Jamal, social movements, EZLN, Cuba, independence of Puerto Rico, the Beat writers, and of course jazz, amongst many other issues related to culture, human rights, community empowerment and social justice."

One of the requirements for entering this contest that really impressed me was the need to include a description of one's community involvement.

How amazing is that!


Anonymous said...

Honor? Has anyone visited his grave? See if you can find it. It is a patch of dirt with no Marker to show who is buried there. All of you who "Praise" "Honor" etc., salinas - are coat-tailers. Hang your heads in shame. Including the "chap book contest organizers"

Anonymous said...