Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things to Do on A Wednesday in August

1. Drive truck to beach
2. Unravel tangled ipod ear buds
3. Drop beach cruiser from bed of truck
4. Ride along beach boardwalk
5. Think to self how obnoxious the sun
6. Stop for breakfast at local cafe
7. Order chilaquiles and savor the side of chipotle sauce
8. Move truck (2 hr. parking sucks)
9. Untangle ipod ear buds
10. Ride to local spot to watch US vs Mexico
11. See Donavan nearly get smacked during his corner kick attempt with large cups of who knows what, but somehow do know what
12. Muse over the game's outcome
13. My left and right hand shake, displaying good sportmanship
14. Untangle ipod ear buds
15. Press shuffle
16. "Seed Toss" by Superchunk
17. Jump on bike, wondering if my 2 hour parking is up (forgot to notice the time when I moved my truck)
18. No ticket
19. Pack bike, untangle ipod ear buds from bike basket
20. Jump onto the driver seat
21. Drive into the freeway that waits for me

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