Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Carlos Monsivais Visits San Diego, California

I am totally pissed that I missed Carlos Monsivais' lecture at the University of San Diego last Thursday night. I can't beat myself up too much, because business insisted that I miss Carlos Monsivais' lecture at the University of San Diego. A good friend of mine attended and reported that the turnout was dismal, compared to Monsivais' typical gatherings in Mexico, where standing room only is the norm no matter the capacity of the venue. Monsivais' talk was on Mexican poetry and beyond, often quoting long stanzas or passages from memory, while spending an extended amount of time discussing Dario's significance to 20th century Spanish literature.

This is where I'll stop. What I will do, however, is ask my friend, A, to report on the event in his own words. I'm also hoping he has photos from the event.

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