Friday, May 1, 2009

National Poetry Month

To celebrate the final day of April, I sat at a window somewhere on University Ave. sipping on beverage while reading O'hara's "Second Avenue." Scratching my head as I often scratch my head while reading O'hara's "Second Avenue," a woman stopped at the window and said: "Say, you look like you're working hard."

I looked up from my read, paused, then replied: "You don't even know." she smiled, laughed, and kept laughing as she crossed the street. I smiled, too, then continued to scratch my head while finishing up O'hara's "Second Avenue," but this time with a smile.


b. said...

Frank O'Hara?

Also, are you going to this?

Anonymous said...

Where on University do you sit?

Manuel Paul Lopez said...

Hi B.

sure is frank o'hara. didn't know about the poetry fair.