Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I am looking for the this book! If you see it anywhere, hit me up on my beeper. Or on my cell phone. Or if you see this guy, tell him I want part of his name back.
I recently met a guy who just moved to San Diego from the Bay Area. He shared (I never asked) that all he eats is burritos. He's been a bit frustrated with the move, though, because he said there aren't many taquerias in SD that use black beans. Really? I said. Apparently dude located three and mapquested them. Maybe this is his blog.
Speaking of Taqueria Cancún, o beloved Taqueria Cancun, my one and only Taqueria Cancun, I once defeated an employee there in an after hour arm wrestling match. (don't ask) They locked up the place, and we went at it! It was my greatest victory. I won't share his name, but all I can say is, I'll never remind him.

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