Sunday, January 4, 2009


Just returned from New Orleans, and it was fantastic. My wife and I stayed two blocks from the French Quarter and walked and walked and walked, taking it all in, all of it coming back to me. You see, I had the opportunity to blast my horn through the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras when I was in high school. I remember we got my homeboy, P, to buy us all Hurricanes, because he was the tallest and had at least a fighting chance. "Button up your shit to your neck, man," we said, "and look old." Guess it worked, because our legs went noodly on us when we grabbed those things out of his hands and took a couple of small swigs. Needless to say, the effects of those things remain.

I'm really looking forward to this year. There are many, many projects I want to complete. Hmmm, maybe talk about that stuff later.

In other news, it was sad to hear about the passing of one of my favorite horn players, Freddie Hubbard. It especially hurts because I missed the chance to hear him play here not too long ago for his 70th birthday tour. My reason for missing, I don't have one. I fumbled. His work on the fluglehorn is some of my favorite. I'll be posting some vids during the week.
Speaking of which, my wonderful wife bought me Miles Davis' and John Coltrane's: The Complete Columbia Years for Christmas. Sketches of Spain (Okay, and Bitches Brew) is my favorite album, album, but the chance to hear some of the outtakes, with Miles scolding Teo Macero is funny as hell. Wait, I think the scoldings are in the Bitches Brew sessions. It's cool to see how a single tune could undergo so many variations.


Marc said...

Oh now I'm bummed!!! You guys were that close to Dallas! I could have met you guys there.

Manuel Paul Lopez said...

Dude! That would've been cool! I hope the fam. is doing great, primo.