Sunday, October 12, 2008

Montoya and Quintana

I was recently fortunate enough to see Malaquias Montoya's new art opening at Mesa College. The new exhibition is entitled Premeditated: Mediatations on Capital Punishment. The exhibition is an intense look into some of the lives that have been condemned.

Here's a quote from the Mesa College flier:

This project was conceived during the presidential election of 2000; President George W. Bush was then governor of Texas and the media focused its attention on the state’s capital punishment practices. Montoya continued to ponder on this issue while working on a poster design for the Mumia 911 day. These experiences inspired him to express his opinions and objection to the death penalty. Montoya asks: "Why do we kill, what happens to our humanity and to us, as a culture?"

Following the exhibition was a presentation by Montoya. There was a good crowd in the lecture hall that night, but more importantly, one that appeared engaged as Montoya walked us through an amazing, personal history of art, protest and resistance. The night was inspiring, to say the least, and I left the venue that night thinking, thinking and thinking.

Another highlight for me that evening was meeting Leroy V. Quintana who was also in attendance. He was amazingly genuine and warm as I shared with him how much his work has meant to me over the years.

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