Friday, July 4, 2008

Lipstick Terror is an incredible band from Mexicali, B.C., a place I've spent many days and NIGHTS. I hope to see them live. Unfortunately, I won't be able to see their two July dates because I'll be in Portland, Oregon. Lipstick Terror is the real deal.

* * *

For no other reason but to share:

"O let me be nothing but beauty alone! Quickly or slowly I will go, but I will dare what must be dared. I will destroy appearances, the casings will be burnt off and will fall from me, and I will appear there, some evening, on the palm of your hand, calm and pure like a statuette of glass."

from The Thief's Journal

--Jean Genet

* * *

My wife and I and a few friends hope to attend Calaca Press' Tacos for Texas fundraiser. It should be great.

Also hope to see a midnight showing of this at the Ken this Sat. night. Can't get enough of it. "I'm trying to use the phone!"

* * *

So long and have a happy 4th. Lasers, America, lasers.

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