Sunday, May 4, 2008

Various Items

* * *
While riding my beach cruiser around town this morning, raúlrsalinas' Los Many Mundos suddenly sprung from the Ipod shuffle. Two songs in a row! Listening to this album always manages to excite the horses in my blood.
* * *
I'm currently chiseling away at Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan's Pulitzer Prize winning de Kooning: An American Master. So far, Peggy Guggenheim's hosting the surrealists at her gallery on fifty-seventh street, largely ignoring de Kooning. de Kooning sees much in the physical world, especially when "he always took an instinctively skeptical view of elevated talk about 'myth' and the unconscious." I'm also interested in his wife, Elaine de Kooning, an interesting character who painted the wonderful portrait of Frank Lima for the cover of his collection Inventory, a book I've held onto tightly over the years.
It's going to take some time to get through this fat book, but I'll get there.

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