Friday, December 21, 2007


Eduardo Corral recently mentioned David Trinidad's new book The Late Show at lorcaloca. After reading the post, I quickly went out and bought the book. I enjoyed Trinidad's Plasticville, as well as many other poems I've read of his in anthologies and journals over the years. The Late Show is a moving collection, one I've carried around town over the last couple of weeks, dipping into it in grocery store lines, red lights, parks, restaurants. Read it, read it for yourself.

His poem "For Joe Brainard" made me return to Brainard's I remember, a book I used (excerpts) in a high school creative writing class a couple of years ago. I remember some of the stuff that came out that semester--incredible! One student from that class is now a poetry editor for Westwind at UCLA. Young Amy Sanchez, a dynamo we'll certainly be hearing a lot of in the future. Oh, and Betsy, whose marathon readings of Hamlet made me say "damn," is now a literature student at UCSD.

I remember another project we did that semester based on Juan Felipe Herrera and Artemio Rodriguez' "Loteria Cards and Fortune Poems--A Book of Lives." The artwork and poems were incredible! A great project I recommend to all. I hope to do it again this year.

My first day off, and here I am writing about my students.

Good health to all!


Anonymous said...

you're too kind pilo, dear.

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