Monday, November 12, 2007


Michele Serros comes to San Diego.

* * *
Sushi Presents the monthly series 4x4Tuesday, November 13th, 8 PM
@ Bluefoot Bar & Lounge, 30th & Upas, North Park
d'shire dance Monique Fleming & Frank Thaheld Cela Nash & Ben Willetts Lux Boreal Matt Amar Lorena Santana

This should be interesting. I know Matt Amar will be performing a bit from his play and documentary about Lenny Bruce entitled Looking for Lenny.

* * *
And I will be participating this Wednesday with Eduardo Arocho at Palabra Pura, the wonderful reading series in Chicago.
More later.


juan said...

good to meet/hear you last night at Palabra, good time. Here is my email
send me a saludo/your address when you get a chance ( owe u some $!)... maybe get that cafe/tamales in december?
Saludos -juan manuel sanchez

Sheryl said...

I heard Michelle Serros read once. She was inspiring about getting onself out there.