Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It's barely Wednesday and my mind's a runout groove:

shhhh tic-cick shhhh tic-cick shhhh tic-cick

Monday, November 26, 2007


From the backseat of a cab just outside of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Good to see Ian Curtis headlining again. I recently posted that I watched Control, the biopic about Joy Division. If you don't know Ian Curtis' story, there it is in all of its tragic beauty, according to a scribbler and film director, of course. There were several beautiful shots--all black and white. And when the music rumbled, specifically "Love Will Tear Us Apart," "Disorder," and the obvious closer "Atmosphere," everyone sat speechless (At least that's what I want to think. I want to think that everyone sat speechless. That everyone is capable of sitting speechless(ly) over the duration of a song or two). I caught a man in his mid to late 40s, who was sitting in front of me and three seats to the right, sobbing, sobbing, sobbing to an ending most people know who know Joy Division's music. I'm sure he knew the ending. I'm sure he knows the music and that's why he cries. Maybe he was crying for another reason. I wanted to pat him on the shoulder and say "Hey, don't cry. Bernard kicks ass, too. I bet you danced your ass off to Bizarre Love Triangle back in the day." But I decided not to, I let him be. To be honest, I had to fight back the waterworks. Between him, the music and the scene, who wouldn't?

O, but how the scenario changed, the vicissitudes of life at work. Guess who was tearing up a giant hot dog with everything on it at the concession stand as I shuffled out the theater? The thing was enormous. It looked like a flotation device. Relish reached the ceiling. The onions! The jalapenos, the ketchup! O praises for everything else buried beneath the teeth!

Life wasn't so bad for that guy, I thought. For one, how many people can afford a hot dog at a theater? For another, how many can laugh mightily with a group of good friends, all who are enjoying great-looking hot dogs (and nachos), after watching a (decent) movie about a band that created incredible music? All of us alive.

Beirut - Elephant Gun

Let the season begin! Where to for the New Year?

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Check out Pistola: A Literary Journal of Poetry Online here. It's new and it's good.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Thanksgiving is here and I feel like dancing! Throw on the Black Kids "I'm Not Gonna Teach ..." and dance along with me--c'mon!

* * *

I've been sick over the last few days and haven't really had the energy to do anything. I had such big plans for this week. Damn. Anyway, I returned from Chicago last Thursday after reading at Palabra Pura. It was a wonderful experience. Ellen of the Guild really made me feel welcome and comfortable. (I hope she found the other half of my turkey sandwich under the passenger seat). It was also great to read with Eduardo Arocho who tore it up on stage. He's working on an interesting new project that I won't go into here, but I can't wait to see/hear it completed. We also talked about Humboldt Park, and some of the projects he's involved with to preserve the rich, cultural history of the area. The peeps he introduced me to were marvelous--warm, interesting, and obviously, talented gente. And then there was the MC of the night Johanny Vasquez Paz. She's funny and energetic, and just makes it a pleasure to be around her. We swapped books after the reading, and I read her Streetwise Poems/Poemas Callejeros twice on the way home. Git-it! And then Juan, who has ties to s. Cali, and who read an incredible longer poem in multiple parts. I can't wait to read it on the page.

Although it was a quick trip, I had a great time, and I'd like to thank Francisco Aragon for involving me in this beautiful project. What an experience.

On the way to Chicago:
Drunk by Noon by Jennifer L. Knox
Breaking the Alabaster Jar conversations with Li-Young Lee
Texaco by Patrick Chamoiseau

On the way to San Diego:
Streetwise Poems/Poemas Callejeros by Johanny Vasquez Paz
Teeth by Aracelis Girmay
Texaco by Patrick Chamoiseau

* * *

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Paz.

* * *

Is this good?

Monday, November 12, 2007


Michele Serros comes to San Diego.

* * *
Sushi Presents the monthly series 4x4Tuesday, November 13th, 8 PM
@ Bluefoot Bar & Lounge, 30th & Upas, North Park
d'shire dance Monique Fleming & Frank Thaheld Cela Nash & Ben Willetts Lux Boreal Matt Amar Lorena Santana

This should be interesting. I know Matt Amar will be performing a bit from his play and documentary about Lenny Bruce entitled Looking for Lenny.

* * *
And I will be participating this Wednesday with Eduardo Arocho at Palabra Pura, the wonderful reading series in Chicago.
More later.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


I saw this yesterday. The live performances were great, especially in a theater that was generous with the volume.