Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Listening to new Sunset Rubdown. Nice.

Caught Amiri Baraka reading along with the great sax player Charles McPherson this weekend. Also playing along with the Gilbert Castellanos Quintet. Baraka read over tunes by Monk, Coltrane, and others, and created a helluva head space for me at least. Bought his new book of stories. Haven't bitten much from it yet--'cept his intro that says when he speaks of some of his fav. story men "We see what they love and what they hate, what they think ugly and what they think beautiful," and I like that. Not some overly cerebral analysis of what that "that" is in art.

Baraka ended with the poem that got him in trouble in Jersey, and other places too, I guess. But S.D. gave him a standing O.

Saw Quincy Troupe read on Friday night. Also Adrian Arancibia who completly lit up the place.

Also got a chance to see Batwings over the weekend. A band that keeps getting better and better and better. Listen to 'em live and you'll see/hear what I mean.

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