Monday, October 1, 2007


Terence Blanchard played a wonderful set last Wednesday. As far as venues are concerned, Anthology ranks way, way up there. Blanchard said more than once that night that people need to support that place if they expect it to survive. He mentioned that he's traveled all over the world and Anthology is up with the best, and it would be a shame if people let it disappear.

I'm not going to try and relive the night here, explaining what I heard, how I felt. I'll just say this--even though I nearly threw a plate of tuna at four idiots yapping on the second floor while the piano man was playing some serious, introspective bars in remembrance of the vanished spirits of Katrina, I left that place cleansed, once again a fan and believer of Big Mama Art. The inconsiderate jerks were asked to shut up by the door man, by the way, but then left soon after as if they'd been wronged.

Overall, the show was magical. The money I dropped that night was worth every penny.


Here are some pictures of Arturo Sandoval playing Anthology.

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