Thursday, October 25, 2007

Amidst tragedy, the fear and hate mongers are still slinging their bullshit. I heard the border patrol has been asking people about their status in this country at Qualcomm Stadium.

* * *

Mandie and I are ok in San Diego. The air quality is horrendous, so we have spent much of our time reading, writing and watching movies indoors. Spent a few hours at the public library yesterday, which was bustling with people, and snatched up a great batch of books. Besides a pretty bad ear infection, everything's fine.

* * *
My wife and I saw "Into the Wild" yesterday. The character in the movie visits a place called "Salvation Mountain" at The Slabs, an old military outlet just outside of Niland, California. I visited that place last year and spoke with the artist, Leonard Knight, a really interesting and generous person.
Has anybody else been there?

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