Tuesday, August 7, 2007

H. Selby Jr.

I'm eagerly awaiting It'll Be Better Tomorrow from Netflix, a documentary about the tuff-eyed American scribbler Hubert Selby Jr. I was really into his stuff at one time, actually trying to write like the man until one teach said: yo, enuff with the multiple exclamation points, kid!!!!

I consider HSJ one of the greatest. His shit comes at you like a semi in flames racing down a Friday night blvd. Although I can't read Last Exit to Brooklyn anymore because I've lost my stomach somewhere over the years, nor can I read The Demon, because it simply scares me, I return to The Room from time to time to step into something deep for a few hours. It's been written that this is his masterpiece. Though I'm not qualified to make such a declaration about any art form, this book fills me with much anxiety. Good.

More later.


EurisaGrinkov said...

just wanted to say "hola" because I am listening to Fugazi and remembered you.

Manuel Paul Lopez said...

Cool, cool.