Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bits and Pieces

A few tunes on heavy rotation at the moment:

1. Bad Brains: Build a Nation

2. The Robot Ate Me: "Apricot Tea" and "The Red-Haired Girl"

3. Nina Simone: "Here Comes the Sun"
4. Interpol: "Rest My Chemistry"


Kazim Ali has an interesting essay on "Poetry and Space" in the latest The American Poetry Review.


Here's a shorty from Eduardo Galeano's Walking Words.

Window on Memory (I)

On the shores of another sea, an old potter retires.

His eyes cloud over, his hands tremble, the hour to say goodbye has arrived. Then the ceremony of initiation begins: the old potter offers the young potter his best piece. As tradition dictates among the Indians of the northwest America, the outgoing artist gives his master work to the incoming one.

And the young potter doesn't keep that perfect vase to contemplate or admire: he smashes it on the ground, breaks it into a thousand pieces, picks up the pieces, and incorporates them into his own clay.

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