Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mistral on teaching cont'd

Gabriela Mistral

Selected Prose and Prose-Poems by Gabriela Mistral

Edited and translated by Stephen Tapscott

University of Texas Press, 2002

6. Make yourself necessary; become indispensable. This is how you get stability in a job.

7. Let's begin, teachers, by not resorting to spurious means to rise in our profession. An influential letter of recommendation, official or unofficial, is almost always a crutch for a person who does not walk well.

8. If we don't achieve equality and culture in the school, where else can such things be required?

9. A teacher who does not read has to be a bad teacher. She's reduced her job to a mechanical function, but not renewing herself spiritually.

10. Each time your principal repeats a job assignment, however kindly it's done, is a warning and a sign of a shortcoming.

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