Monday, May 21, 2007


I'm back. It's been some time, I think, since I last writ a word for this blog, friends. Been very busy. The reading the other night went well. Santa Monica this weekend. I also want to catch Gronk while I'm up there. But before that, might catch Batwings on Friday night in San Diego. They're expected to put on a great show.

Just finished reading Daniel Alarcon's War by Candlelight. Impressive. Now I'm ready for his novel. Also reading everything Berrigan.


Anonymous said...

Santa Monica, eh? Next stop Hollywood haha. I was reading your book the other day and noticed the phrase." ...calling her so wet behind the ears she could drown in her sleep." This reminded me of Charles Darwin because they said the same thing about him before his great voyage on the HS Beagle. Just a bit of random trivia for you. well see you in class. I was thinking we should do a narrative poem using music lyrics. That would be a rad assigment. - Isaak Akosta

William A. Nericcio said...

dude! you were the dynamic one! it was a pleasure to share the stage with such a gifted poet. just a heads up that you have linked to the hardcover version of the book. a much cheaper version is available from UTPRESS, AMAZON, or, even cheaper, the Strand in NYC. I can't embed the link so I will just leave it here for readers to (please! ;-0) cut and paste:

Manuel Paul Lopez said...

I tripped, Bill. Sorry. Trying to readjust the link, I f'n deleted the entire section. i'll add a new post immediately. Mandie and I just received your book. it's beautiful. "[Hitler] ordered his media industry to create a mass of common visionaries who will 'obey a law they [do] not even know but which they [can] recite in their dreams."


"Bordertowns are uncanny. By definition they both are and create spaces of cultural fracture...a place where hyphens, bridges, border stations, and schizophrenia are the rule rather than the exception."

I've been thinking about these lately. I'm into the Rita Hayworth chapter right now. Get back to you soon.

Manuel Paul Lopez said...

Oh yeah, I loved the Paul Beatty excerpt. White Boy Shuffle!