Saturday, January 20, 2007

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody...

I managed to save up enough scratch over the last six months to buy some tix to see the Kronos Quartet at UCSD's Mandeville Theater. It's part of the ArtPower series that features world-renowned artists each month. Los Lobos will be playing an acoustic set Feb. 8th or 9th, I believe. My wife and I really want to catch that show.

Anyway, Kronos Q was incredible. There were violins, viola, cello, barking sled dogs, electric sanders, saws, iron fences, hammers, drum loops, a keg of beer, scary human voices, and so many other troubling devices--so many thoughts ran through my mind: creepy beauty, anxiety, more anxiety. At one point, I wanted to stand up and yell like Nacho: "Hey, take it easy!"

If you haven't heard them play Phillip Glass's "String Quartet No 3 (Mishima)," though, you should. It's very bewtful. And their stuff with Gronk, the badass Gronk, and Cafe Tacuba, and Requiem for a Dream, which they played, oh Lawd, stop me!

Well, my wife and I took my parents, and it was a strange, yet wonderul, night.


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