Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm currently reading through Breaking the Alabaster Jar, which is a book of conversations/interviews with Li-Young Lee. This book is insightful, breath-taking, and inspiring, much like his work as a poet--needless to say, I strongly recommend it to anyone who thinks about Mama-Art, its function, and its necessary place in contemporary culture.

Hasta Luego


Eduardo C. Corral said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Manuel.

I'm glad to read some good words about Lee's interview book. The book is on my must-buy list.

I've been reading your first book recently. I especially like "Mundo Meets the World," "Canto Borracho," "Go, Nijinsky, Go."

Manuel Paul Lopez said...

Ah, Eduardo, first off, thanks for reading the book. It means a lot.

Second, you read Lee's words and you hear stuff like "There's no such thing as silence in the material world, and it's purely our intuition of God that makes us think that there is."


Take care, man